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 Our Member Rewards Program - Lifes Rewards

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Save on your membership and enjoy the benefits of being a Pre-Paid Legal member with our members Lifes Rewards program, offering you great savings all day, everyday.

Lifes Rewards

Lifes Rewards is our members online rewards program providing access to tens of thousands of products and services as well as local and national deals from thousands of retailers and suppliers across the country including some of Australia`s top brands and major household names at substantial savings, for both your personal and business use.

As a PPL member you not only benefit from all the savings on offer, you also have the opportunity to earn money and the chance to win some magnificent holidays, along with other membership rewards and offerings to help you enjoy and make the most of your membership and your lifestlye.

Pre-Paid Legal`s Lifes Rewards program is provided "Free" to all Pre-Paid Legal Plan members as part of their legal plan membership. Our philosophy is simple, we want to make the experience of being a member a rewarding one. By providing access to an ever increasing range of products and services at great savings, members have the opportunity to offset the cost of their legal plan membership and keep their day to day costs down, and in doing so, utilise the funds they save towards other needs or desires whilst enjoying the advantages their pre-paid legal plan membership offers even when they don`t have a current legal need.

Business Plan members are also catered for through our customer loyalty programs, designed to help give them an edge over their competition with access to loyalty programs that can be customized to meet their needs and help them to maximize employee engagement, customer loyalty and retention and increase customer spending through a variety of reward programs, gift cards programs, and employee loyalty programs that are flexible, fully accessible and provided at member only rates.

For more information about our member Rewards and Loyalty programs contact us or click on the links below.


  • For Members

    As a Pre-Paid Legal plan member you have access to an extensive range of savings and discounts for everyday use.

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  • For Friends

    Refer your associates and friends to Pre-Paid Legal and we`ll reward you, have them join our rewards program and we`ll pay you.

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  • For Employees

    Provide your staff with the best of both worlds. Access to legal and financial support plus an everyday savings reward program.

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  • For Business

    As a business plan member you have access to our loyalty and retention programs to help provide an edge over your competition.

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Your Lifes Rewards and Benefits are just the beginning

With Pre-Paid Legal`s Lifes Rewards program you will not only benefit from all the savings on offer, you also have the chance to win some magnificent holidays to some of the world`s most interesting and exotic destinations to help you enjoy and make the most of life.

As a Pre-Paid Legal Member a world of rewards and benefits awaits you as part of our member`s Lifes Rewards program. Literally thousands of products and services have been sourced to help you make the most of your money, your time and your lifestyle. By simply becoming a Pre-Paid Legal personal plan member you automatically receive "free" membership to our members rewards program as part of your membership entitlements.

01 As a Lifes Rewards program member you have access to tens of thousands of products and services from local and national suppliers Australia wide, with no limits on the number of times a discount saving can be attained.

02 Members can save thousands of dollars on; Accommodation, Travel, Theme Parks and Attraction entry, Magazine subscriptions, Automotive services, Gift Cards, Car hire, Movie Tickets, Appliances, Home and Garden, Leisure and Dining activities, as well as a host of others. So why not make the most of your membership and have it pay for itself with the everyday savings on offer.

03 If you are an existing Pre-Paid Legal personal plan member and haven`t received your Lifes Rewards membership, advise us now, as your rewards membership is free. You can also give an immediate family member access to the same benefits and savings with a secondary card membership at a nominal cost.

04 Our Lifes Rewards program is also available to non members enabling them to share some of the same benefits provided to existing Pre-Paid Legal members, but at a nominal fee of $55 per annum under our refer a friend program. So why not reward yourself further by simply referring a friend. Login or find out more.


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