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Like a financial head start? - now more then ever, it is important to have a partner that is able to assist you, help you understand your options and guide you through the complexities of the financial world.

We provide members with access to financial information and support...

across a range of sectors through a Network of trusted Alliance Partners, offering...

Personal Loans

Most of us need to borrow money at some stage of our lives to cover an emergency, buy a replacement item or fund a special event. Before you just borrow money, it's important to make sure your dealing with someone you can trust and that can advise you correctly on what type of loan is best for you. Our partners have the knowledge and experience to help you obtain the right financing to meet your needs even if your credit history may not be the best. Read More...

Equipment Loans

We all know different types of businesses have different needs. Our finance providers are specialists in a range of equipment lending and will guide and work with you to understand your individual requirements to deliver a solution that best helps you overcome any business equipment challenges allowing you to focus on your day to day business needs. Read More...

Wills and Estate Planning

Estate planning is about wealth succession, a way to help protect what you have built over your lifetime, so it can be distributed via your Will according to your wishes following your death. You work hard through your life to earn money to look after yourself, to provide for your family and to save for the future. Protection of what you have earn`t is important so to is ensuring it is preserved once you have gone, and this requires a properly prepared Will. It helps to safeguard the interests of your loved ones and ensures what you have worked hard for is passed on.  Read More...

Managing your Money

Making the most of your money means having a plan so you don`t waste your money, adapt quickly as your financial situation changes, and achieve your financial goals. Whether it be day to day living or managing a mortgage, in order to avoid getting into difficulties you need to budget. Having a plan and budgeting how to cope with reduced income or an increase in payment rates is important to avoid falling into debt. Let our providers help you understand your options with the right financial guidance and assistance. Read More...

Grants & Business Assistance

Generally there are no grants available for starting a business. However, there are grants and other assistance available for business activities such as expanding your business, research and development, innovation and exporting. Our business consultants have the skill and expertise to help you apply for assistance through the grants process. Read More...



Business Loans

Running a successful small business requires more than just hard work and a great product or service. It also requires capital to cover the seemingly endless list of business expenses you will be faced with. When you start your business, you incurred expenses for legal fees, logo design, website development, marketing, inventory, furniture and much more. Our alliance partners specialise in helping small businesses find the right loan product to best suit their needs. Read More...

Motor Vehicle Loans

Whether for private or business use, finding the right vehicle for your purpose at the right price is important. So to is its financing, from flexible repayment options to having a balloon (lump sum payment) at the end of the loan term, our finance providers will not only guide you but ensure you have the best repayment plan to suit your cashflow position. Read More...

Insurance Services

Depending on the circumstance whether personal or business and how you trade, you will be required by law to take out certain types of insurance. Other types of insurance will be not compulsory, so it will be important to consider which ones are appropriate and at what cost. Our insurance providers have the skill and expertise to advise and find the right insurance package to best meet your personal or business needs, helping you understand your rights, interpret policy provisions and protect your interests. Read More...

Maintaining your Lifestyle

During your working life you receive regular income in the form of a salary or business income. In retirement, this regular income stops, so you will need to draw on the savings you have set aside to meet your lifestyle needs. So you need to set up your savings so you still receive regular payments, just like a salary. This is called a ‘retirement income stream'. Read More...

Protecting your Wealth

Most of us insure our cars, house and contents but don`t think about insuring our biggest asset, our ability to earn an income. Personal insurance is a way of protecting yourself and your personal wellbeing, as well as your family and your capacity to earn if something goes wrong. It insures you have the ability to maintain your living and lifestyle and provides protection against sickness, injury, and death as well as income replacement if you are unable to work due to injury or sickness. Our insurance partners have the skill and expertise to advise and find the right personal insurance package to best meet your needs. Read More...

Housing Loans

Whether you are buying, building or renovating a home or investment property. It can be one of the biggest financial transactions that many people undertake and a huge financial commitment. Virtually every step of the way requires sound financial advice and guidance so you can choose the best mortgage deal for your requirements. Our service providers have the expertise you need to help you through what can sometimes be quite a maze. Read More...

Student/Study Loans

The Australian government and many banks offer various loan programs to assist you in your finances and supporting yourself during your university studies. A number of these programs allow you to defer your payments until you have graduated or completed your studies and some of the programs even defer the interest until you have completed your course of study. Read More...

Financial Planning & Retirement

There will probably be times in your life when you're not sure what to do with your money or what decisions you need to make about your financial future. There are many different financial products on offer and choosing between them can be difficult. Our Alliance Partners can guide and provide you with information about the various options available to you, and inform you of which specific product would best suit your needs. Your legal plan will allow you to seek advice on structures, tax implications and how best to protect what you may invest in. Read More...

Legal Support

All of us at some time borrow from financial institutions, money lenders or enter into some form of credit arrangement, incurring debt. Yet too frequently people don`t fully understand the terms and conditions governing the commitment undertaken when borrowing or using credit. As a member you have truly independent advice on all aspects of the Credit Act, ensuring you have a better understanding of your legal obligations as part of any mortgage, security contract or agreement you may be party to. With a legal plan whether you are borrowing or lending money you will be able to understand the complexities of doing so and protect your interests.

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Legal Support

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Members have access to full legal advice & support when they may need it - with significant savings.

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Making a Complaint

Pre-Paid Legal takes all complaints seriously and aims to handle them in an effective, prompt and objective manner. Our Complaints Handling process complies with the Australian Standard 3806-2006 Complaints Handling.

When first reporting  a complaint, please complete our Complaints Handling Form, proving your member number, a matter or reference number (if one exists), full details of your query and what you would like us to do in order to help resolve the matter.

What type of complaint can I make?

Pre-Paid Legal's Complaints Handling process covers all aspects of its product or service in dealing with any issue arising between yourself and the Legal Service Provider you have been referred to regarding your legal matter.

Complaints Procedure

Step 1

In the first instance, we would encourage you to contact the Legal Service Provider who is dealing with your legal matter to see if you can resolve the issue together.

Step 2

If this is not appropriate for whatever reason, you can lodge a complaint with Pre-Paid Legal by completing the Complaints Handling Form, or alternatively through any of the following channels:

Who do I contact to make a complaint?

Phone +61 8 9355 5822
Fax +61 8 9355 5833
Postal  c/- Complaints
 Pre-Paid Legal Services Pty Ltd
 Suite 1, 160 Burswood Rd
 Burswood, 6100
Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Step 3

In order to investigate your complaint effectively, Pre-Paid Legal will need all relevant information from you.

What information do I need to provide in order to make a complaint?

     -  Appropriate identification - Full name and Membership number, Matter or Referrence Number (If Applicable).
     -  Provision of contact details.
     -  Sufficient detail relating to the nature of the complaint and supply of any relevant documents and other information that may support the complaint and its resolution.

We will then arrange to have the matter reviewed at an appropriate level.

How long will it take to resolve a complaint?

The length of time Pre-Paid Legal takes to resolve your complaint will depend on the nature and complexity of the issues you have raised, and the extent of the enquiries required to enable those issues to be addressed:

     -  Where possible Pre-Paid Legal will attempt to resolve matters at first point of contact.
     -  Pre-Paid Legal aims to acknowledge all complaints received within two working days of receipt.
     -  Pre-Paid Legal will endeavour to respond to the majority of all complaints within 10 working days of receipt.
     -  For complaints that require in-depth investigation or additional information Pre-Paid Legal attempts to respond within 30 working days of receipt.
     -  Where it has not been possible to complete the complaints review process within 30 working days Pre-Paid Legal will notify you of the reasons for the delay and provide an
        updated target date for resolution.
     -  Acknowledgement and all correspondence will be carried out either by post, email or telephone.




Our Service Provider Network

PPL Finance Services is a division of Pre-Paid Legal Services and provides its members with direct access to an experienced team of Alliance Partners with the expertise to guide and assist them with any financing, insurance, investment and/or legal need.

Benefits of becoming a Partner or Service Provider

Businesses that participate as Service Providers enjoy many benefits such as increased exposure to potential clients, savings in marketing costs and increased cash flow for the business.

> We provide a consistent referral source of work. PPL Finance Services as a division of Pre-Paid Legal refers thousands of clients to businesses every year.

> Increased exposure to potential clients

> Increased cashflow for your firm or business

> No external marketing costs

Your participation as a Service Provider gives you additional marketing opportunities without incurring any of the costs. Satisfied Plan Members are a valuable source of referrals from their family, friends and co-workers. These referrals may or may not be Plan Members and word of mouth is the best form of advertising. As such we encourage all of our Service Providers to develop good relationships with members referred to them to so they may build and establish a solid foundation for what may become a lifelong relationship.

For this reason businesses are encouraged to apply for the provision of Services to our members by becoming part of our Service Provider network. If you would like a consistent referral source of revenue, then please consider the following:

Pre-Paid Legal Services takes selection of its Service Providers seriously. Our criteria includes only dealing with established businesses committed to providing quality support services to meet the needs of our members.

Pre-Paid Legal believes that its Service Provider Network is a direct reflection of the company itself.

Pre-Paid Legal has continually attracted and retained some of the highest quality businesses to provide services to its members as Service Providers. In fact, Pre-Paid Legal members continually rate our Service Providers among the best.

Currently, we have built an extensive member base around the country. If you believe you can provide a high level of customer service and support in the provision of Financial, Insurance, Investment and Legal support services to members and would like to have a consistent referral source of revenue or you are interested but would like to know more about becoming part of our Service Provider network. Then complete the form on our business opportunity page and submit. One of our representatives with respond to your enquiry and answer any questions you may have regarding our service.

Please note: All Service Providers providing the support services must meet certain criteria in order to be considered as a provider to Pre-Paid Legal.

Legal Provider Requirements

To ensure that our members' interests are represented only by caring and experienced high quality law firms, we require the law firm to:


> Be established with a minimum of 10 years of operation;

> Be in good standing with the Legal Practice Board in their respective State or Territory;

> Provide specialist lawyers in the areas required under our legal service plans;

> Have a history in practising a service philosophy parallel to that of Pre-Paid Legal Services;

> Understand and empathise with the needs of our members and their legal problems;

> Provide courteous and professional service at all times;

> Treat all members as if they were their largest client, in most cases.


What we do

Pre-Paid Legal continually monitors the quality of service received by our members through a variety of quality control methods, including: 


> Service Provider Profiles

> Member Satisfaction Surveys

> Member Feedback Requests

> Selected Case Filing

> Regular Providers' Meetings


What we provide

Our Legal Service Plans provide members with coverage for many types of personal and business legal matters, including but not limited to: 

> Preventative Legal Services, covering;

+ Legal Consultation and Correspondence

+ Contract and Document Review & Preparation

+ Wills, Powers of Attorney

> Land and Business Law

> Banking and Finance Legal Services

> Motor Vehicle Legal Services

> Family/Defacto Law

> Employment and Workplace Relations

> Medical / Dental / Health Professional Negligence

> Court Proceedings - Civil and Criminal

> Income Taxation Legal Services

> 24 Hour Emergency Legal Access

> Preferred Member Discount Services

And more.


Law firms are encouraged to apply for the provision of Legal Services to our members by becoming part of our Legal Service Provider network. If you practice law in any of the above areas or others mentioned in this website and are in good standing with the Legal Practice Board in your State or Territory, have a minimum of 10 years experience and believe you have a service philosophy to meet the needs of our members and would like to join us and gain a consistant referral source of revenue then click on the following link.



Our Legal Provider Network

Pre-Paid Legal provides its members with direct access to an experienced quality law firm when they have a Legal need. We have built a successful Legal Provider network around the world.

Pre-Paid Legal takes selection of its Legal Service Providers seriously. Our criteria includes only dealing with established Law Firms committed to providing quality legal services to meet the needs of our members.

We expect the providers to demonstrate understanding and empathy with our members and provide courteous and professional service at all times.

All Legal Service Providers providers must be in good standing with the Legal Practice Board in their state or territory and have a history of practising a service philosophy parallel to that of Pre-Paid Legal Services.


To ensure that our members' interests are represented only by caring and experienced high quality law firms, we require the law firm to: 


> Be established with a minimum of 10 years of operation;

> Be in good standing with the Legal Practice Board in their respective State or Territory;

> Provide specialist lawyers in the areas required under our legal service plans;

> Have a history in practising a service philosophy parallel to that of Pre-Paid Legal Services;

> Understand and empathise with the needs of our members and their legal problems;

> Provide courteous and professional service at all times;

> Treat all members as if they were their largest client, in most cases.



Legal Service Provider Monitoring System

Pre-Paid Legal continually monitors the quality of service received by our members through a variety of quality control methods, including:

> Legal Service Provider Profiles

> Member Satisfaction Surveys

> Member Feedback Requests

> Selected Case Filing

> Regular Providers' Meetings



 Our Legal Service Plans provide members with coverage for many types of personal and business legal matters, including but not limited to:

Working With Our Legal Service Providers


Lawyer-Handshake  lawyer wig 005

Seek help early

By the time it occurs to you that legal advice may be needed, it probably is. The earlier you seek help, the more options you and the Legal Service Provider will have and the greater your chances of eliminating the problem altogether. Preventative law works!

Establish clear ground rules

A good relationship with the Legal Service Provider depends on good communication and a firm understanding of your respective needs and responsibilities.

Nothing breeds misunderstanding more than assumptions. Be clear about what you want. Ask questions and listen to the answers. The Legal Service Provider should listen carefully to you as well. They should clearly explain your options and discuss a timetable.

Respect the Legal Service Provider's judgement

The Legal Service Provider is working with you in mind and should not make any important decisions without discussing them with you. You must, however, respect their judgement and allow them to do their job. Remember that the law does   not always allow a resolution to your problem in a way that is completely satisfactory to you.

Allow the Legal Service Provider to be an intermediary

It is not always necessary to take a case to court. Trials are costly and sometimes the solution may be reached amicably without going to court, through negotiation or a mediation process.

What level of contact will you have with the Legal Service Provider

Some people want 'yes or no" answers, others want full explanations. Some clients want the solicitor to do everything and just tell them when it's done. Be sure to discuss what level of contact you want. The Legal Service Provider will give you legal advice but cannot advise you accurately if you do not follow the advice given. Keep the lines of communication open.

What should you expect if your case requires representation

If, based on the consultation, it is determined that your matter requires representation, you may be required to pay a retainer fee for services beyond contract benefits. This applies to all pre-existing conditions as well as to assistance and/or representation not fully covered under your contract.

What should you do if things don't seem to be going well with your case

If the legal matter isn't going the way you expected, if nothing seems to be happening or if you don't understand what is happening, speak up. Call the Legal Service Provider if you want more information. Also, let a Pre-Paid Legal customer service representative know about the situation and we will be happy to assist you, where possible.

What some of our Provider Lawyers have to say...

"We treat the individual member with the same care, concern and commitment as the largest client of our firm." - Bennett Carrol Solicitors

"If we can't keep one Pre-Paid Legal member happy when he or she calls, we'll have Pre-Paid Legal asking us why we didn't." - Johnston Withers

"In the years of providing legal services to Pre-Paid Legal members I have seen that each and every day there is a tremendous value and benefit in having access to a lawyer when you need one. If we can help an individual to resolve their legal issues before they become a legal problem, it makes all the difference" - Gramercy Legal

"Pre-Paid Legal has provided a valuable work flow for our Law Firm, and having the opportunity to help and resolve their members issues has been both rewarding and meaningful." - Swan River Law

"Since becoming a service provider for Pre-Paid Legal the firm has experienced a substantial increase in legal referrals, and enjoyed the opportunity of successfully handling a diverse range of legal matters on behalf of their members." - Mezger Legal

"Pre-Paid Legal Plans are the way of the future and being part of such a solution is a worthwhile experience for any Law Firm and an ideal way to build business and create personal relationships through the referrals provided whilst making a difference to those seeking your help." - Brett Davies - Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors


What Legal issues will you face


If you had a legal problem today, what would you do? Could you afford a qualified lawyer? Would you know who to call?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they will need the services of a lawyer. To draw up a Will, provide advice and representation in a separation or divorce. Act in respect of an unfair dismissal, motor vehicle or medical negligence claim. Help recover a bad debt, resolve a commercial dispute, draft a contract or an agreement for the purchase or sale of a business, land or property or simply deal with a neighbour dispute.

The circumstances in which you may require the services of a lawyer are many. So too, are the reasons why you should have a legal plan.

We all know;

> Protecting our home and belongings against damage or theft is prudent.

> Having motor vehicle insurance is sensible.

> Making sure we have health insurance is practical.

> Providing security for our families future is smart planning.

Then doesn`t it make sense to have legal coverage to protect and defend your rights? If you had an issue with any of the above situations, you would need to seek legal advice.

For most of us the thought of calling a lawyer for advice, or to help protect or defend our legal rights just isn't an option.

The main reasons being, we feel intimidated by lawyers, we don't know who to call, or we believe it will simply cost to much. So instead we choose to either ignore the problem or try to handle it personally, neither of which is a satisfactory way to deal with any legal issue.

So Why a Pre-Paid Legal Plan?

A Pre-Paid Legal plan is a smart, simple and cost effective solution to dealing with the legal challenges we face throughout our lives. From less than a dollar per day a pre-paid legal plan not only provides you a wide range of benefits, it offers you that extra peace of mind. With a Legal Plan you have phone and face-to-face access to a lawyer for any legal question or matter when you need it and you can have it dealt with quickly and effectively, without the worry of having to make a financial decision first!

Think about it ..... Getting legal help should not have to be a financial decision!

Ask yourself - Have you ever... 

> Been overcharged for a repair? 
> Had to collect child support? 
> Tried to return a defective product? 
> Purchased or sold a home? 
> Received a traffic ticket? 
> Needed to prepare a Will? 
> Lost your bond or security deposit? 
> Entered into an agreement that you did not fully understand? 
> Received an unfair credit report? 
> Been audited by the taxation office? 
> Signed a contract you wished you hadn’t?

 Australian Population 

pre-paid pie chart

For many of us the thought of having to consult a lawyer or deal with an legal issue is not something we think about or want to do.  Yet in todays changing circumstances more and more we are faced with unexpected legal life events that leave us with little or no choice. Having a legal plan means that those unexpected events or challenges that need legal advice or action can be dealt with by simply making a phone call without having to consider the financial cost.

A Pre-Paid Legal plan lets you consult a lawyer whenever you think you might have a problem, without fear of the cost. With proper legal advice most problems can be avoided or quickly resolved. If further services are needed, such as a letter sent, a contract reviewed or representation in court, a pre-paid legal plan will ensure you as a member have the right lawyer to provide the right advice or support to handle the matter correctly and at a substantially reduced cost. View our plan benefits here.

By putting legal access within affordable reach, pre-paid legal plans enable members to prevent legal issues from becoming legal problems. We estimate that 50% of all problems brought to lawyers through plans can be resolved through nothing more than advice and a small amount of follow-up by a lawyer or insome cases by you.

Today, statistics show you are three times more likely to be faced with some form of legal issue than you are to be hospitalised, and with a court lodgement being made at a rate of one every 2 seconds across the country. The chances are you will need the services of a lawyer sooner rather than later. Now you have a choice !

Protect your rights and assure yourself of legal assistance and support when you need it, by taking out a pre-paid legal services plan today.

Australian Market

In today`s changing economic and social environment more and more Australian`s are facing the possibility of having to seek legal advice. Yet for most, doing so, is not only difficult, but also costly. In 1994, the Australian government formed an Access to Justice Advisory Committee, chaired by Ronald Sackville QC, to consider and report on the availability of, and access to the legal system, for Australians. In its report, entitled "Access to Justice - an Action Plan", the committee said;

"All Australians, regardless of means, should have access to high quality legal services or effective dispute resolution mechanisms necessary to protect their rights and interests. In some cases, such services are clearly essential to ensure that an individual's rights are protected and injustice avoided. The objective of equality before the law is unattainable if people experience barriers that prevent them enforcing their rights. The most obvious barriers are the financial difficulties faced by people who cannot afford legal advice and representation."

The reality is that in Australia today, full access to legal services and the legal system is, by far, open only to corporations, the wealthy, and to a very limited extent, the poor.

Now there is an alternative!

Pre-Paid Legal Services offers Australians access to a range of comprehensive legal services plans that provide protection, peace of mind and security, at an affordable price.


North American Market

In the United States and Canada today just over one third of the population, 115 million people have some form of prepaid legal service protection, where even law abiding citizens encounter a potential legal situation four to six times a year. ( National Resource Centre for Consumers of Legal Services.)

Pre-Paid Legal Plans have been available in the North American market for over 45 years, with statistics showing you are 3 times more likely to be in court than you are to be hospitalised and where more than half of North American households have a legal situation right now. (American Bar Association.)

European Market

Pre-Paid Legal protection has been available across Europe for over 100 years in countries including: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom where it is as common as having motor vehicle and health insurance in Australia.

In Europe, it is common practice to have a legal protection plan. Where up to 45% of the population carry some form of pre-paid legal protection.

In Germany alone nearly 80% of the population have a legal plan, and it is worth noting that Germany is one of the least litigious countries in the world.


West African Market

Pre-Paid Legal is in the process of establishing a Legal Provider Network across West Africa and the Middle East. Law firms are encouraged to contact us regarding the supply of legal services to members across the region. For further information please contact us directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our legal service department will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Malaysian/Singapore Markets

Pre-Paid Legal is in the process of establishing a Legal Provider Network across Malaysia and Singapore. Law firms are encouraged to contact us regarding the supply legal services to members across the region. For further information please contact us directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our legal service department will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible.


Click on the shaded areas to view other Pre-Paid Legal plan markets.

 Wills and Estates


A Will is possibly the most important document you will prepare. Should you neglect to make one, an unrelated government administrator may be empowered to distribute your assets after you die. A Will is an instruction on how you wish your estate to be administered.

A Pre-Paid Legal Personal Membership Plan provides you with a proper solicitor prepared free Simple Will or allows for you to have a far more complicated Will prepared at a preferred member discount rate. A Pre-Paid Legal Services Plan provides for the;
Drawing up of a Will designed to meet your wishes;
Assistance with any necessary changes to your Will that you may need to make during your lifetime; and
Assistance with any additional estate planning and administration services you may need.
 We recommend you prepare a Will as part of you overall financial plan. Like your financial plan, your Will should also be reviewed regularly.

Making a Will

Coping with the death of a family member or loved one is a stressful and emotional experience for all of us, however you can protect those you love from any additional stress and worry by simply planning ahead and making a proper Will. Everyone should have a properly prepared Will. It helps to safeguard the interests of your family and loved ones. Wills are important legal documents and as such are prepared by Lawyers with great thought and care. A Pre-Paid Legal membership enables you to talk to a Legal Service Provider about your Will, so that you can receive good, sound advice on organising your affairs.
Coping with loss isnt easy

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document. It means that the people you have chosen to receive your belongings or "assets" when you die, will do so in accordance to your wishes. These "assets" include everything you own such as your home or property, land, car, bank accounts, insurance policies, shares, or personal goods like jewellery, pictures or furniture. The people who receive these assets are called "beneficiaries".

Your beneficiaries could be your family or friends, charities or organisations such as schools.

Do I have to make a Will?

No, but it is advisable to do so in order that your assets may be distributed according to your wishes.

Provided you are of sound mind and at least 18 years of age, you are able to make a valid Will. If you are in the armed forces or are a seaman it may, in certain circumstances, be possible for you to make a Will even though you are under the age of 18.

As a Pre-Paid Legal Member, you are provided with a free simple Will with free yearly updates - simply fill in your Will questionnaire provided to you in your membership kit as a member, or contact Pre-Paid Legal directly for assistance.

Making a Will

What does a "valid" Will mean?

A valid Will is one that can be enforced in a court of law.

It must be:

In writing: This can be hand written, typewritten or printed.

Signed: You have to put your signature at the end of the Will;

Witnessed: Two witnesses who must not be beneficiaries should be present when you sign the Will and they must also sign at the end of each page of the document. You must all be together when the Will is being signed and witnessed.


Can I make my own Will?

Yes: You can make your own Will or you can ask another person to make it for you. However, it is wise to have your Will prepared by a Lawyer. A Lawyer can make sure that your Will is valid so that the people you want to benefit receive the assets you have chosen for them.

What will happen to my property if I don't make a Will?

The law provides a formula which sets out who is entitled to the property of a deceased person who does not leave a Will. However, the formula may not distribute your assets in accordance with your wishes.

It is not true that the Government takes a deceased person's property if there is no Will. This only happens in cases where there are no close relatives.

How can I make sure that my wishes are carried out?

You should appoint a person called an "Executor" in your Will to handle your affairs after you die. If you wish, you can name more than one person to act as Executor. Anybody can be an Executor - your spouse, friend, beneficiary or Lawyer - but you should first ask them whether they are prepared to be one. It is a responsible position, as the Executor has to obtain probate of the Will and pay any duties, debts or expense before finally distributing the balance to those beneficiaries named in the Will.

As a member, you have access to our Executor Assist Service - a service designed specifically to assist those people whom you may nominate to act as your executor. If you require more information about this service, then contact Pre-Paid Legal directly for assistance.


If I change my mind, can I alter my Will?

Yes: You are free to alter your Will at any time, but to do so you must make a new Will or Codicil. If your circumstances change in any way you can and should alter your Will. You should consult your Legal Service Provider who can advise you on making any such alterations.

A Will can be cancelled by you destroying it or getting another person to destroy it in your presence. A Will can also be cancelled by another Will which contains a statement that all previous Wills are no longer valid.


What is a Codicil?

A Codicil is a document used to make a minor change to a Will. It must be made in the same way as a Will to be valid.

If I get married will that affect my Will?

A Will, made before you get married will usually be automatically "revoked" when you get married. If you plan married you to get should check with your Lawyer who will advise you how you need to change your Will.

If I get divorced will that affect my Will?

A Will is not automatically "revoked" when a marriage is dissolved. If you get divorced you should talk to your Legal Service Provider about the need to make a new Will.

What affects my Will

Can anyone else upset my Will?

No, you are free to leave your property to whomever you like provided you make proper provision for a surviving spouse, children or other dependants. If you do not they can apply to the court for the proper provision to be made for them. This application has to be made within 6 months of probate being granted. Such an application is known as an Inheritance Act Application.

How can your Legal Service Provider help you?

A Lawyer can:

             Make sure your Will is valid, properly drawn, signed and correctly witnessed;

             Make sure your wishes are clearly expressed in the Will;

             Make sure you have made adequate provision for your spouse and children;

             Advise you on choosing an Executor and the Executor's right to be paid for his or her time and trouble;

             Advise you on the best way to arrange your affairs;

             Advise you regarding the tax implications arising out of the disposition of your assets.

Legal Help
If you don't have a current and valid Will, contact Pre-Paid Legal today!

This service is provided as part of your Pre-Paid Legal membership and is an important aspect to any member's financial welfare, protection and proper disposal of their assets upon death.

Revising or Updating your Will

Is Your Will up to Date? Many people tend to overlook the importance of updating their Will, but the consequences for immediate family could be traumatic. Despite the problems that can occur, over 72 per cent of the population do not have a valid Will when they die.

Dying interstate (without a Will) raises many issues, including:

Assets will be distributed according to the rules of intestate succession which may differ widely from the deceased's unwritten wishes. For instance, your estate may go to distant relatives rather than the people who have assisted you during your life;

More tax may need to be paid on the estate, reducing the value of assets to be passed on; and

Unguided by a Will, the next of kin will spend substantial time and incur additional costs to administer the estate. They should not have to cope with this when they are grieving and would most likely find it difficult to deal with the responsibilities involved.

Life Changes

An up-to-date Will should reflect any significant changes in your life such as changes in close relationships, your levels of debt, and in your adult children's relationships.

Your Will should also be linked with any transfers of assets that may or may not take place via a Will; for example, if you have received your parent's inheritance.

Superannuation benefits, which can include life insurance - usually a significant asset - often fall outside of a Will. Distribution to your beneficiaries is governed by different rules, and your Will needs to recognise that these assets may not be treated as you would expect when you die.

With superannuation benefits, for example, if you don't nominate a beneficiary, the trustee of your super fund exercises its discretion to pay benefits among your "dependants" upon your death. Dependants include your spouse, children and any other person who establishes financial dependence.

If you nominate a beneficiary/ies, the trustee retains its discretion but gives consideration to any "non-binding" beneficiary nomination made by you. This could include a new partner.

Take Tax into Account

You should also consider tax implications when planning your Will. Australia does not have a death duty; however, capital gains tax (CGT) and lump sum tax on superannuation can have a substantial effect on the value of your estate.

Superannuation benefits are tax-free when paid to a spouse, ex-spouse or child under 18 years, while transferring benefits to non-dependants will incur a tax bill.

Talk to a Legal Service Provider for more information.

Consider Tax implications

Suggestions to members after signing the Will

If you have signed the Will elsewhere than our office, please send a photocopy of the signed Will to us so we can check that it has been correctly signed.
DO NOT attach anything to the original Will not even by paper-clips.
The original Will should be kept in a safe place. We do not recommend you keep it at your home, except in a fireproof safe. You may wish to keep it in your bank deposit box or you may use the safe custody service provided to you as part of your membership.
Note on the copy of the Will or the envelope in which it is contained
      (a)   where the original of the Will is lodged. It is important that it be easily found when needed;
      (b)   the names, addresses and occupations of the witnesses; and
      (c)   the date you signed the original Will.
Keep the copy in your filing cabinet with your important papers.
Tell the Executor of your Estate where the original Will is kept, and when it was deposited there. If you need to do anything to give the Executor access (eg; sign an authority, provide a combination), make sure you do it.
You may wish to make a list of your assets to assist your Executor. If you do, keep the list with the copy Will, NOT with the original. A list of this kind does not form part of the Will itself.
Once we have advised you that your Will has been correctly signed - but NOT BEFORE - please destroy the original and any copies of any previous Will.

 Reconsidering your Will

If you marry, your Will will be revoked by the marriage unless the Will is expressed to be made in contemplation of that marriage. Consult a Legal Service Provider about your Will if you decide to marry.
Divorce does not automatically revoke your Will. However, it would ordinarily be a circumstance that would affect your wishes. If you are contemplating divorce, or have been divorced since making your Will, consult a Legal Service Provider.
Review the copy of your Will every two or three years or whenever a major event occurs in your family, your assets or the taxation laws.
If you wish to change your Will or revoke it or make a new Will without informing your husband or wife or de facto spouse you may do so, but you should consult a Legal Service Provider.
Do not add to or delete from the Will after execution. Consult your Legal Service Provider if you want to change or revoke your Will because even the simplest changes must be correctly done or they may have disasterous results.

Need Help with Your Will?

Pre-Paid Legal Services also provides access to experienced and professional Estate Planning and Administration Consultants at preferential member discount rates.

Estate Administration

When you make your Will, you appoint an Executor. The Executor is responsible for administering your estate and carrying out the wishes expressed in your Will. The role of Executor carries with it a significant level of responsibility and serious consideration should be given as to who you select to take on this role. The administration of deceased estates is, in many cases, complex and extremely time consuming and the Executor must display a high degree of care in the execution of his or her duties. The Executor is also required to be competent in a variety of areas such as redemption of investments, sale of property and taxation.

Our consultants are specialist in the field, are experienced and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of deceased estate administration and are able to deal with the administration process in an efficient and timely manner with minimal inconvenience to your loved ones.

Private Executor Assist Service

If, as a nominated Executor of a Will, you find that you are unable to carry out your duties and obligations, you can arrange for Pre-Paid Legal to assist you in the administration of the deceased estate through its Legal Service Provider Network. A Pre-Paid Legal service provider can also be appointed the Administrator of an estate where there is no Will, or where a Will is deemed invalid and the next of kin do not wish to be appointed.

A Pre-Paid Legal Services Plan is one of the most cost effective ways to look after your estate matters. You will receive friendly and personalised service from an experienced Estate Planning and Administration Lawyer. Services offered include:

Estate Planning including Wills, Powers of Attorney, Testament Trusts, Family Trusts, Family Companies and Partnerships;
Business Succession Planning including Buy / Sell agreements;
Estate Administration and our Executor Assist Service for private executors and trustees;
Personal Trusts including administering accident compensation trusts, trusts for minors, personal assets management and a bill paying service; and
Corporate and Charitable Trusts trusteeship and administration. 
For further information or an obligation-free quote, contact Pre-Paid Legal directly and we will connect you to our Planning and Administration Service, simply advise you are a Pre-Paid Legal member and would like to discuss their service.
Pre-Paid Legal provides these services to members through its legal provider network. While steps have been taken to ensure our legal providers are experienced in these areas, Pre-Paid Legal does not accept any liability arising out of the provision of any service by its Legal Service Providers.

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